The Smithers Group

Initially known as the Dundas Professional Group, founded in the early 1990s, The Smithers Group began establishing its roots in Dundas. This group was intended to grow the synergies of five friends all of whom were self-employed and starting out with their new ventures.


Initially included was Larry Smithers, along with Wayne Winterfield (Financial Planning/Investments), and Linda Abt (Bankruptcy Trustee). Linda’s firm Farber & Assoc is now the bankruptcy/trustee representative.  Also included was a Private Investigator who had been the head Mountie for the Hamilton area and a general insurance specialist.

A Proud History of Dundas

Originally called Coote’s Paradise, the town was renamed Dundas in 1814 and incorporated in 1847. Because of its access to Lake Ontario, by way of the Desjardins Canal, it became an economic Upper Canada powerhouse, later surpassed by Hamilton. 

For two centuries, the town has fostered entrepreneurialship. Although a somewhat sleepy town protected by the Niagara Escarpment, it is dynamic in its enterprise.

From a hideaway for a rebel, to a munitions factory for World War II; home to a famous comedian, a songwriter, and a famous doctor (amongst many others) the town is once again emerging as a powerhouse for retailers, business people – from financiers to craftspeople.

In Memory of our Colleague...

William Newton

We regret the passing of our associate, William Newton.   In addition to his significant contribution to The SMITHERSGroup, Bill was  co-founder and executive director of the Stanley Thompson Society.   He enjoyed five decades as an acclaimed graphic designer, winning national and international awards for his work.  He will be missed by all.

The original SMITHERSGroup logo and website (right) was designed by Bill.